Management Consulting Creating Authentic Urgency for Better KPIs

Complacency is a big reason why useless KPIs stay. A sense of urgency is what’s needed to spark the change to better KPIs. But it must be authentic, and speak to the head and the heart.It’s not true that we want better KPIs just to improve the bottom line. But it can be quite hard to get managers and leaders to take better KPIs seriously, and adopt a KPI approach that truly works. So, linking to financial performance might just be the angle you need to take to put your KPI case forward.Putting a number to the hidden costs of poor KPIs, and the lost opportunities of better KPIs, can create what John Kotter would call creating a sense of urgency.But, we can’t be all head and no heart. It can’t be just about the cost of our current poor KPIs. It’s about how we feel about those poor KPIs too.A manager of freight business, Marty, asked me to help him sort through his KPI mess. He told me he had too many KPIs and no information. We did a stocktake of what he actually had.There were over 300 KPIs, many of which were different versions of the same measures. There were over 50 performance reports produced. And we estimated – very conservatively, mind you – that this was costing Marty over 1200 hours of effort every month. If the average hourly wage for a business analyst was $70, this is just over $1,000,000 a year.

More than $1,000,000 a year for information that’s neither useful nor usable is appalling.Marty joked with me that he’d print a hard copy of every one of those 50 reports, and push them into the next management meeting, piled up in a wheelbarrow.I wish he had done that. It would have been just the perfect way to bring the problem to life in both the heads and hearts of his management team. And much easier to create the sense of urgency that could spark a much needed change. As Kotter says:”Mindless emotion is not the point. Generally, the challenge is to fold a rational case directed toward the mind into an experience that is very much aimed at the heart.”Have you ever estimated the cost you’re paying for your current KPIs?If you are committed to the idea of better performance measurement, and you know that what your organisation is doing now is wasteful and useless, there is something you can do.Take a sample of areas of your organisation. Maybe a sample of reporting analysts, or a sample of business units. And talk to them to get some rough but realistic numbers to estimate costs like these:

The cost of collecting data that’s not needed.

The cost of reporting information that’s not used.

The cost of making the wrong decisions with bad KPIs.

The cost of the time spent debating and reworking KPIs.

The cost of the missed opportunity to improve performance.

And why not try Marty’s wheelbarrow idea? March right in there with physical evidence of the problem and let people react to it. Let them feel it; the awkwardness, the shock, the realisation. The undeniable need for change.

Forget about writing a detailed business case for a better KPI approach. Forget about educating people on what a good approach is. Forget about trying to retrofit tiny little ideas from a good approach to make micro improvements in your existing one. Forget about coercing, cajoling and compelling. These are a waste of time.If you want to create an authentic sense of urgency, you need to be fact-based and visceral. And probably a bit daring and provocative. You need to be a bit of a story-teller. You need to feel the urgency, yourself. But not be beaten down by it: you must see a vision of life on the other side of it. And see it clearly enough that you can show it to others.An authentic sense of urgency can unseat complacency toward KPIs, but it must be both fact-based and visceral.DISCUSSION:Where is there complacency in your organisation or company, staying in the way of a better approach to KPIs?

US Road Trips Offer a Real View of America – It’s Ideal to Know the Parking Rules

A variety of landscapes can be found exceptionally in the United States of America, ranging from Grand Canyon rock formations to the Yosemite redwood trees, the Hawaii volcanoes to Yellowstone National Park geysers, besides the Kansas prairies and the Utah snowy peaks.

The opulence and vastness of the States landscape draws tourists, writers, artists and more people every year. The roads are beautiful and fun that it is worth exploring. The Greyhound bus lines navigate for decades and are undoubtedly the best mode of transport. Considering to get an authentic experience of the road means hire a vehicle that offers the liberty to do as you want, thereby save on food and accommodation costs, besides being safe.

Visit the East Coast and see the New York bright city lights and proceed to Philadelphia. Soak into the South Carolina coastline and immerse into North Carolina beauty. Do not miss the government houses and museums. Proceed to Georgia and for best of the fun reach Miami for its sandy beaches and warm up in the sun.

The West Coast is geographically totally distinct from East Coast. Initiate first with Portland; proceed to Lake Tahoe and San Francisco. On this journey, do not miss out on Yosemite National Park. Your next stop must be in Monterey and proceed to the Big Sur cliff. Get dipped into a small town life, but get lost only in LA.

You may have heard a lot about America’s Route 66 and its prominent highways connecting to Chicago and Santa Monica, while it passes through New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, and many more. This road trip offers road enthusiasts their part of pleasure while enjoying the real America.

Going by road, enjoying the road trip is true, but you have to be cautious about the US parking rules. There are places that require parked vehicles to be moved in every 72 hours, if it is on a public street parked. A vehicle code is issued and if it not moved in the specified 72 hours, your vehicle gets towed. Thus, before hitting on a road trip, get to know the road parking rules.

Remember that most areas have curb markings and also relevant street signs that you can park your vehicles in such areas, yet you must have a city issued valid permit. Of course the parking hours and days may be listed for your convenience and you must check it. You can avail a valid permit on showing your picture ID and your current registration to the police department.

Again, free parking is not coming really free even for the building residents. Actually, there is a wide spread of car-oriented in this city and so even after having enormous car parks, parking is an issue.

The Americans have to consider multi-storey car parks, so that they take minimum spaces and the cars have place to be parked. This can be done by transforming some old office building into some flats so that it creates parking space, but that is also not easy. The cost may prevent this activity.